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Add class form

Add or upgrade your current class plans here! If you would like to downgrade your current class plan or remove a lesson, please use the Drop/Change Class Form, which can be found under Help>Forms>Change or Drop Class Form.

- Class Enrollment -

* Additional class requirements for lesson. 

NOTE: Not applicable to Adult Class Gold and Silver Card Members. 

- Registration -

- Discounted Pricing Plans & Memberships -

Recurring Plans 

* Charged Monthly *

Adult Class Cards

* Refillable *

All Discounted Pricing Plans and Memberships are subject to The Dance School LA’s Policies, which can be found at any time at: 

Beginning July 1, 2022, The Dance School LA will require all parents, students, and adults wishing to change between classes, drop a class, or cancel enrollment to provide a 30-day notice prior to the next billing cycle and completion of a change/drop class form. Please fill out this form and detail the classes you wish to add, change, or drop, and the reason. This form can also be found on our website at: 

NOTE: Cancellations will be effective 30 days from the change/drop form submission. If this request is not submitted prior to the 28th of the month when tuition fees are processed, you will be held responsible for either a full month’s enrollment, or the following cancellation fees (*PER CHILD): 

  • If you are switching and changing between enrolled classes, a $25 processing fee must be paid.

  • It is a  $75 processing fee to cancel a plan before the dance year is up. 

  • Any Plan downgrades are subject to a $50 processing fee. 

  • There is no processing fee to increase your current Discounted Pricing Plan. 


If all classes are dropped, you must pay the $40 registration fee again if you choose to reregister. There are no refunds on previously paid tuition or fees of any kind. 

I understand the Terms and Conditions, and Policies of The Dance School LA, which can be found at any time at:, and acknowledge that additional fees may be charged for late drop out and cancellation fees, and will inform The Dance School LA of any changes to my Recurring Pricing Plan in advance. I also fully understand the charges I will be receiving and agree to them, acknowledge that all payments will be made on time and through recurring transaction (if applicable). I agree to enrolling for the entire Dance Season, which runs from August-June for Students and for a full year for Adults using recurring plans, and agree to keep a credit card on file at all times. 

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