Our Story

Why start a dance school during a pandemic? 

With many dance studios and arts programs closing their doors (sometimes permanently) due to the COVID-19 pandemic, our Director, Carissa Songhorian, saw a need that continues to be unmet. During this time of loss, opportunities for dance education are diminishing and children are suffering. By creating an online platform, Carissa and The Dance School LA hope to give young students, adults, and other creatives the ability to express themselves again, in an open and caring environment where they can rebuild their confidence and their craft. 

Our Goals

1. Our Goal is to foster a fun and nurturing environment where students can develop as dancers, artists, and, most importantly, as individuals. At DSLA, we believe in growth:

  • the personal Greatness of every individual

  • the value of Relationship 

  • the power of Optimism 

  • the Wealth of the creative mind

  • the importance of Thoughtfulness & diversity

  • the Health of the dancer's mind and body


2. To do this, we offer enriching TRAINING and classes with premiere dance professionals, choreographers, and instructors that are active members and leaders of the current dance industry in Los Angeles and abroad; giving your student the tools they need to succeed.

3. We believe in keeping you and/or your young dancer happy and healthy. We do this by making sure that our teachers have a general understanding of the human body and how it works, which gives us the opportunity to integrate safe practices into our training programs. By maintaining this standard, this helps us to understand you as an individual and a mover.  

Our Services

The Dance School LA is dedicated to bringing the fun and excitement that is dance to the cities of Northridge and Los Angles, California and abroad through our online classes. With our drop-in rates and monthly subscription plans, you have the opportunity to not only take weekly group classes, schedule private or shared lessons, and hone your technique, but you will be able to do so at affordable costs.

Our Non-discrimination policy

All owners, staff, and employees of The Dance School LA believe that dance education should be available to all. Our Non-Discrimination Policy means that The Dance School LA does not discriminate against any color, race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation; and will admit any individual who is interested in a dance and/or fitness education and respects these values. Any and all students have the opportunity, right, and privilege to be a part of our programs, events, and performances.