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Our Adult Classes

Dancers Feet

Our Adult Class Program gives movers ages 18+ the opportunity to continue their training and/or fitness. We currently offer several classes within our Adult Program that can be found on our Class Schedule for weekly times and offerings.


We also offer our Adult movers the opportunity to book classes through Drop-Ins, discounted monthly Subscriptions/Tuition, and through the use of a Class Card.

If you would like something more personalized, we suggest looking into Private Lessons and Shared Private Lessons. In a Private Lesson, the entire lesson will be dedicated to you. This means that:

  1. We focus on YOUR goals - where you want to improve in strength or flexibility and what you want for your body and dance skills.

  2. You get a customized fitness plan (made by your instructor) to help you achieve those goals as you continue in your private sessions.

We offer both online and in-person sessions for Private and Shared Private Lessons.

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