Policies and requirements

School policy

Attendance and Make-ups

  • Attendance will be taken every day for each class. 

  • Students must arrive on time to all classes (in-person and online).

  • If a student arrives late to any class (excluding private lessons) by 10 minutes or more, they will be asked to sit out for the session in order to prevent injury, and may take a make-up class if desired.

  • The opportunity for make-up classes will only be given to:

    • Students who inform us by email or phone of the student's absence (due to injury or illness) BEFORE ​the lesson (by at least an hour prior to the class's regular start time).

    • Students who arrived late to a previous session and were asked to sit out. 

    • NOTE: The make-up class will only be given to the individual that missed a lesson due to injury or illness. These are not transferrable between siblings. 

    • Make-Ups are unavailable for Studio Closures due to Federal and Studio Celebrated Holidays. This is reflected in the price of classes. 

  • Make-up classes must be attended within 2 weeks of the initial missed class. 

  • The School will need to be contacted in order to schedule a make-up.

  • All classes will be charged to your account regardless of absences or make-ups. 

  • If the student is a no-show for a private lesson, shared lesson, private dance placement, or master class, the full charge will be made to their account without the opportunity for a make-up. 

  • Private lessons may be moved to a later date if done at least 24 hours prior to the originally scheduled time. If any inquires to move the session is made within that 

  • If a teacher is a no-show for a private or group lesson, all students will receive a make-up opportunity. 

  • Individual Teachers are not guaranteed per lesson. Teachers are subject to change. Any students who arrive to class and do not attend or leave due to a substitute teacher or change of instructor will not be granted a make-up lesson opportunity. 

in-person class policy 

  • In-person classes are currently held indoors and follow all safety measures required by the city of Los Angeles.

  • If your child is experiencing shortness of breath or sore throat, is coughing, sneezing, has a running nose, upset stomach, and/or fever, then please let your instructor know as soon as possible as they must take the lesson online instead of in-person to protect our students, faculty, and staff.

Online Class Policy 

  • Students will need to have access to Zoom and the Internet in order to participate in our online lessons. 

  • All Attendance and Make-up policies still apply. 

  • NOTE: If you are regularly enrolled for In-Person Classes and would like to take class online due to an emergency or change of schedule, please make sure to let us know EITHER a day (24 hrs) in advance by email, or by calling us the day of at: (818) 477-2464. 

    • All calls or texts to our mobile line, (818) 213-1144, are not checked during class time and will not be seen. Please make sure to call us at our landline before the class if ​you are trying to log on. 


Tuition policy


Registration Fees

  • All students are required to fill out a Registration form BEFORE taking any lessons with the Dance School LA. There are two separate forms for the school: for Students (younger than 18 years old), and for Adults (ages 18 and up). 

  • If you are a parent looking to enroll your child in our program, please refer to the Student Registration page. (This includes an enrollment fee of $40 per 3-student family.)

    • This Registration Fee is a one-time per season fee for each family. ​

  • If you are an Adult and are interested in taking any of our Adult/Advanced classes or Master Classes, please enroll via the Adult Registration page. The enrollment fee for Adults is $30. 


  • All tuition - Whether for private lessons, group classes, master classes, or otherwise - is due BEFORE the start of each class, or if enrolled in a Monthly Subscription Plan, at the start of every month.

  • Monthly Subscription Plan Renewal - Please note that this plan renews monthly at the end of every month and will continue to renew and charge to your account until it is cancelled. 

    • Please note that all paid fees and classes are non-refundable. 

    • Monthly Subscription Plans for Students are based on an 11 month dance year, with full months charged August - June. 

    • Monthly Subscription Plans for Adults are based on a full 12 month year. ​​

    • Payments are made on a monthly basis regardless of the actual number of classes per month. This helps us keep your monthly rates lower and more affordable. 

    • When you enroll for a monthly / recurring Discounted Pricing Plan, you register for a full dance year of classes. By purchasing and enrolling in classes through a Discounted Pricing Plan, you agree to the following rules: 

      • Starting July 1, 2022, The Dance School LA will be requiring individuals who plan on changing or dropping a class to provide a 30 day notice prior to the next billing cycle via our Change/Drop Class Form. You can access this form by clicking on FORMS at the bottom of the menu, by clicking HERE, or by visiting the studio and asking for a printed copy. If a form was not filled out and returned to The Dance School LA within this period, then you may be subject to the following fees: 

        • If you are switching and changing between enrolled classes, a $25 processing fee must be paid.

        • It is a  $75 processing fee to cancel a plan before the dance year is up. 

        • Any Plan downgrades are subject to a $50 processing fee. 

        • You have the opportunity to avoid cancellation fees by choosing to freeze your Plan, and agree to the $10/month processing fee in order to keep your current Plan frozen. 

        • There is no processing fee to increase your current Discounted Pricing Plan. 

        • If our automatic system charged your card on file due to the studio being informed late regarding a cancellation, you are responsible for the payment, however, it can be applied towards your account and/or toward any processing and late fees. 

  • Bounced Payments - Any bounced payments or unsettled accounts will be charged 10% of the initially charged amount for a re-charge, and an additional 10% for every month left unpaid. 

Program Withdrawal

  • Cancellation - You have the option to cancel any subscription renewals on your members account settings page. You will not be granted a refund if your card was already charged for the month, or if you received a service or goods before you initiated the cancellation process. Please see "Tuition" for more information regarding Membership Cancellation Fees. 

  • Refunds - No refunds will be awarded unless due to severe circumstances. In order to be considered, a formal letter will need to be sent to The Dance School LA, and a meeting will need to be initiated by the member with the Director of The Dance School LA. If no claim is made after 7 days of cancellation, then any possibility of a refund is forfeited.

Recital tuition

  • When is Recital - We offer two recitals per school season (August-June). Our Winter Recital is a full-length production that is hosted in December, while our Spring Recital is a held in June. 

  • Fees - Recital Fees vary, and usually include the following: 

    • Student Enrollment

    • Costumes

    • Recital Videos

    • Optional: Commemorative T-Shirt with your child's name on it! 

  • Recital Photoshoot - Dancers have the opportunity to take pictures with their friends and classmates in costume and makeup during Recital month! Dance Company members are required to attend photoshoot events, but this is optional for our Recreational Students. 

  • How to Lower Cost - We understand that sometimes it can be difficult to pay for recital, and we would like to help out by offering our DSLA Families the opportunity to lower costs when recital time approaches. Adding an extra $10-$40 per month to your Discounted Pricing Plan's recurring transaction will reduce the amount owed on your recital invoice. Contact us today to learn more or to add this option to your monthly amount! 

  • Refunds - We do not offer any refunds for Recital. By enrolling and paying any Recital related fees, you acknowledge this policy. 


COnduct policy

Code of conduct 

  • All students, parents, teachers, and staff are asked to act in a respectful manner when posting on our online forum and social media accounts, while taking classes, observing lessons, and when interacting with one another.

  • Students should arrive on time to any and all classes (both online and in-person), and be prepared when they enter the lesson, with proper attire (see Class Attire below). 

  • Please Note: Disrespectful and inappropriate behavior toward students, faculty, staff, and any members of The Dance School LA will not be tolerated; and may be used as grounds for removal from DSLA classes and Dance Company. 

  • As behavior in the Lobby and Parent Waiting Area directly impact our dance classes, we kindly ask the following: 

  1. Individuals who wish to converse with one another, talk on phones, or watch videos and listen to music are asked to kindly step outside in order to not disrupt the lesson. 

  2. The areas in front of and around the front door entrance/exit, the front desk, and entrance to the dance floor remain clear for safety reasons. (These areas should remain unobstructed by seating, dance bags, shoes, or other objects of any kind in case of an emergency.)

  3. If a student needs to be taken out of class for any reason, please notify the front desk so that the teacher and student may be informed in the least disruptive manner to the class.

  4. Individuals who are sick or who would like to mask up during the lesson are welcome to approach the front desk for a free mask. More information on our Covid Safety Plan can be found here: https://www.thedanceschoolla.com/covid-safety-plan. 

class attire

  • The Dance School LA requires very particular attire for enrollment in our lessons. Check out our CLASS ATTIRE PAGE for more up-to-date information. 


Non-Discrimination policy

All owners, staff, and employees of The Dance School LA believe that dance education should be available to all. Our Non-Discrimination Policy means that The Dance School LA does not discriminate against any color, race, gender, nationality, ethnicity, disability, or sexual orientation; and will admit any individual who is interested in a dance and/or fitness education and respects these values. Any and all students have the opportunity, right, and privilege to be a part of our programs, events, and performances. 

By extension, any act of discrimination against owners, staff, teachers, members, parents, or students will NOT be tolerated; and The Dance School LA, LLC reserves the right to refuse service to any such persons.