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Our dance programs

All levels take part in our annual Winter and Spring Recitals! 

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young dancers

Our Young Dancers Program is geared towards our youngest students from the age of 3 to 5 years old. These classes are meant to help build mobility and awareness, and are a wonderful way to help your child develop their physical and mental abilities. 

Please note that all students must be potty-trained in order to take class.


Pre-professional ballet

As ballet is the central building block of most dance, we take our Pre-Professional Ballet Program very seriously here at The DSLA. Classes range from beginner's ballet to Advanced ballet and pointe.


In order to join the ballet program, all students must take a trial class or a placement class. A member of the staff, usually our Director, will then assess the dancer's level of skill and ability to make sure that they are placed into a level where they can develop best. 

Dancers must be enrolled in our Ballet Program in order to be eligible for Pre-Pointe and Pointe shoes.

Pre-Professional Ballet

Contemporary dance

Currently we offer contemporary, modern, jazz, hip-hop, tap, and musical theater classes as a part of our Contemporary Dance Program. 

To join our most rigorous class levels - intermediate and advanced (or level 2-3) - students must either schedule a private placement lesson or be recommended by a teacher.

Contemporary Dance

DSLA dance company

We offer three dance companies at The Dance School LA. Our first, Mini Teamis for young beginners. Junior Company is meant for intermediate dancers, and our most advanced team, Senior Company, is recommended for ages 11-18. All teams require an annual invitation and audition in order to be joined, including for past and current team members. Team placement is not guaranteed and can be revoked in extreme cases.

All of our Companies have a performance schedule that varies each year and is separate from team dues. Dancers will be selected for each dance piece, including solos, to be presented at outreach events, parades, community gatherings, fundraisers, and dance competitions. If interested in being a part of our dance company or if you would like to know about our Company requirements, please contact us via email at:, or leave us a message here

Dance Company

Teaching assistant & scholarship programs

The Dance School LA's Teaching Assistant Scholarship Program is designed for aspiring dancers who seek to enhance both their dance and leadership skills. This program offers one-on-one training, focusing on improving communication, leadership, and dance techniques, providing a well-rounded experience essential for a successful career: whether in dance or beyond.

Selected students assist two classes per week, gaining practical teaching experience and a deeper understanding of dance instruction. In addition to this hands-on learning, participants receive a free class by consistently assisting and meeting specific attendance requirements.

Every year, the Director of The Dance School LA chooses one to two standout applicants for this prestigious program, offering them unparalleled opportunities to grow as dancers and leaders. The program emphasizes developing high standards of decorum and conduct, ensuring that participants represent the studio with excellence.

Due to limited spots, the selection of awardees may vary each year, with reapplication required annually by July 1st. For further details on availability, requirements, and monthly fees, interested students can contact the Studio at

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