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Charter Schools -

Contact us today to learn more about our Schedule and Charter Pricing! 

Classes for charter students 

Charter students may take any of the classes on our schedule, providing that the class is age and skill appropriate, and not related to Dance Company. We have programs and private lessons for individuals interested in taking 1-5 classes per week! 


Want to talk to someone regarding our charter programs? Feel free to contact us at: for more information and to see which classes are best for you! 

we are approved vendors for:

  • iLEAD Hybrid 

  • iLEAD Lancaster 

  • iLEAD SCVi 

  • iLEAD Agua Dulce 

  • iLEAD Antelope Valley 

  • Blue Ridge

  • Peak Prep Pleasant Valley

  • SunCoast Prep Charter 

Don't see your Charter School? Contact us to let us know! 

How to start

To sign up for classes: 

  1. Call, text, or email us in order to reserve a spot in the class of your interest. We offer anywhere from one to five classes per week for Charter School Programs and options for private lessons with a month-to-month DSLA membership. Contact us to enroll in the classes of your choice!

  2. After confirming that your spot is reserved at the studio, send in a Purchase Order (PO) to your Charter Program for your monthly tuition. 

  3. Once it is approved, then you are good to go! Welcome to the DSLA Family! We look forward to dancing with you. 

see you soon! 

CALL: (818) 477-2464 

TEXT: (818) 213-1144 


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